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5 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

There’s nothing like one or two weeks at the beach to get your energy levels up again. Discover five super fun things to do at the beach!

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Did you know that 180 million people in America make 2 billion visits to the beach every year?

If you’re a beach-o-holic, you probably love taking a swim and spending some time sunbathing – but there are so many more activities you can do during your beach vacation!

Keep reading as we go through five fun things to do at the beach this summer.

1. Enjoy Some Shade and Relax

Don’t forget to relax during your vacation! Connect with your inner ahhhhhh as you sit by the beach enjoying the sound of the surf.

Treat yourself to a beach cabana or an umbrella to enjoy some shade and take your favorite book with you. Relax and enjoy the sound of the ocean and the joy of not having work to worry about for one or two weeks. It feels good, doesn’t it?

2. Build a Sandcastle

Remember the first time your parents took you to the beach as a child, with countless buckets and shovels, and together you built the sandcastle of your dreams?

If you’re going on this beach vacation with your little one, it is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with them and make a majestic construction with sand. The whole family will have an amazing time doing so and hey, the more people join you, the bigger the castle can be.

Don’t forget to take a picture when you’re done!

3. Have a Picnic

If you’re going on vacation with your friends, you’ll definitely want to enjoy a picnic at the beach.

This is the perfect plan if you spend the whole day at the beach. Bring some finger food and a nice bottle of wine.

If you don’t have plans for dinner, our suggestion is that you stay at the beach and watch the sunset. It will be magical!

4. Collect Seashells

This is another great activity to do with your kids. When you get tired of building your sandcastle, get your buckets and walk around the beach looking for seashells. (Be careful to only pick up the empty ones, leave the live ones on the beach.)

On the way to back to your lodging, get some acrylic paint or some sharpies, so that later everyone can paint the shells they collected. A fun art project for the whole family! 

5. Play Some Beach Sports

A vacation is a perfect time to unwind and do nothing productive. However, if you still want to get your daily dose of exercise, the beach is the perfect place for it.

If you’re a morning person, go for a jog or run along the coastline when no one’s at the beach yet. If you cherish every extra minute you can get in bed in the morning, just take a volleyball or some beach tennis equipment when it’s time to head to the beach. Rent a bike and do some exploring.

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Finding More Fun Things to Do at the Beach

These are only five fun things to do at the beach but with some more research and a little imagination, we’re sure you’ll find even more activities that will make your vacation unforgettable.

If you’re going to North Carolina’s Outer Banks and would like some ideas on fun things to do from OBX locals,  send us a message. We’d love to help make your holidays as relaxing as possible!

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