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6 Outer Banks Weekender Ideas to Make the Most of Your Summer

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water
If you’re going an Outer Banks weekender, you may want to take note of these six awesome things to do to hold you over until the end of the summer.

The Coronavirus pandemic may have put a halt on travel plans and your typical summer activities, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from having a blast with your family at the beach!

Studies show that you have very little to worry about if you are planning to have a weekend splashing around in the ocean and relaxing by the beach. Due to the large body of water, and wide beach shores, the risks of COVID-19 transmission is very small.

If you take the necessary precautions of social-distancing, this means that you and your family can enjoy the outer banks’ weekender fun, safely!

So the question is, now that you can go have fun on the beach, what are the best activities to do on the outer banks for a weekend getaway?

Keep on reading to learn the best outer banks weekender activities so that you can relax, while sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the beautiful outer banks’ beaches this summer!

1. Events

Just because many large events may be canceled during the summer of 2020, does not mean that you have to miss out on some fun. There are a few particular events that will still be happening, as they work perfectly with the social distancing regulations.

Kite Flying Festival

There is no better bonding experience for you and your family than to spend a weekend flying kites together at the beautiful Outer Banks area.

On the weekend of July 11th and 12th at the Wright Brothers National Memorial Park, the 42nd annual Wright Kite festival will be taking place! You can come to watch the ginormous 30-100 foot kites taking flight or fly your own.


Thankfully, the Outer Banks is perfectly designed where you do not have to hire a boat to try your hand at fishing. There are multiple fishing tournaments over the summer of 2020, so grab your poles and head down to the docks for some fishing and fun!

Beach Bonfires

There are many regulations in place against having beach bonfires in the Kitty Hawk and Devil Hill areas. However, there are still some places that allow for a perfect evening bonfire in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Nags Head areas.

Enjoy your Outer Banks weekender with your family and friends, while making some delicious smores as you watch an unbelievable sunset on the beach.

2. Restaurants

Nothing celebrates the weekend better than enjoying some delicious food with great company. The Outer Banks region is full of incredible restaurants that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most particular taste buds.

Most of the restaurants in the area are still only open at 50% capacity and they are still offering take out meals. This doesn’t stop you from ordering some fantastic Nags Head Pizza and take it down to the beach for a nice meal and sunset.

3. Rent A Bicycle

One of the best activities to spend a perfect Outer Banks weekender is to ride bicycles along the beach and check out the beautiful scenery.

Farmdog Beach Rentals offers multiple choices for bicycle rentals:

  • Fuji bikes
  • Phat bikes
  • Men’s frames (19 to 20 inches)
  • Women’s frames (14 to 19 inches)
  • Youth frames
  • Pull-behind kid’s trailers
  • Helmets
  • Bike locks
  • Baskets
  • LED lights for nighttime riding

You can choose some easy scenic routes and ride your bike through Kitty Hawk Woods, the Monument ride, or Nags Head woods. Or you can attempt a more challenging route and ride from the Currituck Beach Lighthouse to the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

4. Go Paddleboarding

If you have a passion for being on the water, then stand up paddleboarding is meant for you! There is nothing more inspiring than the feeling of walking on water as you take in the incredible views of the Outer Banks region!

There are a few options for paddleboard rentals:

  • Epoxy Fiberglass SUPs
  • Surfing SUPs
  • Soft SUPs
  • Various sizes available

If you loved your experience of stand up paddleboarding and want to keep going, Farm Dog Beach Rentals offers a rent-to-own program with both new and used paddleboards.

5. Rent a Beach Cabana

If you prefer to spend your weekend relaxing beachside with a cocktail in your hand, then you should look into renting your own beach cabana.

All you have to do is select your desired beach location, then Farmdog Beach Rentals will come to you and set up your cabana at your preferred location.

Each Cabana rental comes with a 10×10 beach grade cabana, chairs, a cooler full of ice, and a trash can. Rentals begin at 10 am and go late until 5 pm every day.

If you choose not to go for a full-sized cabana, you can easily just rent a beach umbrella instead, which also comes with chairs, a cooler with ice, and a trash can.

6. Go Shopping

While many shops are only open at half-capacity, this doesn’t mean that you are not welcome to come on in and check them out. Supporting our local stores is very important to the residents of the Outer Banks regions, so please, help the locals by choosing local stores first.

Make sure you have your mask handy as store managers have the choice to mandate masks or not.

If you have specific food items that you want to enjoy over the weekend, make sure you bring them with you from home as some local grocery stores are still not fully stocked due to the pandemic.

Learn More Fun Outer Banks Weekender Ideas

There you have it! By following this list of the best Outer Banks weekender ideas, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

If you would like to learn more about what Farmdog Beach Rentals has to offer, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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