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Going to the Beach Is Better With These Activities


Going to the Beach Is Better With These Activities. Planning a trip the beach and want to make the most of it? This article is for you!

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When you’re going to the beach, you can expect to enjoy a typical assortment of activities, like seashell collecting, birdwatching, and sunbathing. But beach days don’t have to just be about sand and surf. 

If you want to spice up your trip to the beach, count on adding these five fun activities to your itinerary.

1. Look for Ocean Life

The seashore is teeming with creatures great and small, both in the water and on the sand. Do a little scavenger hunt to see how many different critters you can spot. 

Snorkeling is a great way to see fish, jellyfish, and turtles up close. They’re relatively inexpensive to buy and give you a whole new way to enjoy the water. 

When the sun goes down, bring a flashlight to look for crabs along the beach. Sand dollars, starfish, and birds are also common shoreline companions. Take a photo of each to keep track of how many different creatures you spot. 

2. Bring a Picnic Lunch

Enjoy lunch with a view! Picnic lunches on the beach are fun for the whole family. Even better, they don’t require much planning.

All you need is a large blanket or a few beach towels and a cooler to carry all your food and drinks and you’re set.

You don’t need to get too creative with your food options, either. A few sandwiches, chips, fruit, pretzels, and drinks can make for a filling meal. 

The hard part, of course, will be keeping the birds away. They’re not shy about trying to steal a few bites from beachgoers!

3. Draw Pictures in the Sand

Sandcastles are must-do activities when going to the beach. However, if you forgot your buckets at home and aren’t much of a sculptor, then get creative with 2-D sand drawings. 

All you need is a stick (or your own finger) and an idea. If you can’t think of anything to draw, just close your eyes and let your hand take a mind of its own.

Drawing in the sand can be therapeutic. Don’t stress over being perfect. Simply pour your thoughts into the sand and leave the results for other passersby to enjoy.

4. Tour the Beach via Bicycle

Long walks on the beach can be relaxing, but long bike rides on the beach can cover more ground. Rent a bike that’s made for the sand and set off on a new adventure. 

You can travel much farther than you could on foot, and maybe even find places off the beaten path to explore. 

5. Rent a Cabana

Some people love spending all day in the sun and surf, but even with great sunscreen, you could still be susceptible to sunburn. 

Renting a cabana when going to the beach can provide welcome relief from the brutal sun’s rays and give you shade whenever you need it. 

Make the Most of Going to the Beach

Going to the beach should be fun, and a little planning can help you make the most of your time.

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