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Here’s Why You Should See the Outer Banks on a Beach Bike

a bicycle is parked next to a body of water

In 2019, the Outer Banks broke a new visitor spending record, hosting more than 1.5 million tourists through July alone. It’s easy to see the instant allure and appeal of these idyllic barrier islands. From the open-sea beaches and state parks to the excellent diving sites and lighthouse views, the destination has become a go-to for locals and travelers alike.

Want to experience the Outer Banks in a new and unique way? Why not cruise up and down the coast on a beach bike instead? Today, we’re sharing a few of the top reasons why there’s no better way to get around and soak up the atmosphere than on two wheels!

1. It’s Bike-Friendly

It would be a shame if one of the most scenic spots in the country wasn’t accessible by bike. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue on the Outer Banks.

In fact, this area is replete with bike trails and paths that allow any curious and adventure-seeking visitor to explore! For a family-friendly bike ride accessible for most ages, check out Woods Road, which runs through the Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve. The starting point for the Outer Banks Marathon, this multi-use path provides plenty of breathtaking views with minimal excursion required.

As you travel along the Outer Banks, you’ll notice that there are both well-marked bike trails as well as those that are more off-the-beaten-path.

For instance, there’s a paved, 10-mile path that runs through Corolla, leading to attractions such as the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary. You can also find a stunning, two-lane path in South Nags Head, boarded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and vacation homes on the other.

Take your time and map out the route you want to take and the places you’d like to see. Then, use a resource like TrailLink to find the nearest bike path!

2. The Whole Family Can Join

If you have school-aged children, it’s easy to go beach biking as a family! Most beach bike rental companies will have a variety of sizes to choose from, so everyone can get in on the fun. These include men’s bikes, women’s bikes, and youth-sized bikes.

Yet, what about smaller kids, or those who tend to get tired easily in the Carolina sun? In that case, you can usually request a pull-behind kids trailer that’s just the right size for bringing your pint-sized travelers along for the ride.

This way, you can get up close and personal with many of the beachside attractions you might have otherwise missed! From historic homes and immaculate gardens to rare bird species, there are many sites you can easily neglect to notice when driving down the highway.

In fact, cycling is preferred in smaller communities such as Ocracoke proper, where the entire locale spans only four square blocks. While it is possible to take a vehicle, trying to navigate parking lots, traffic, and narrow roads in such a small space can quickly turn from entertaining to aggravating. On a bike, however, the prospect is much less daunting!

3. The Terrain is Accessible

As you cruise around the Outer Banks, you’ll notice plenty of unpaved paths that appear rocky and uneven. While these are ideal for any experienced, thrill-seeking cyclists, they might be a little tough for the uninitiated.

However, even if you’re a beginner, take heart!

The terrain around these coastal towns tends to be relatively flat and simple to navigate. In addition, most of the trails are paved and designed specifically for your beach bike. Many also operate separately from motorists, so you can safely travel, sightsee and stop as often as you like.

The best part? You’ll also have an around-the-clock supply of ocean breezes to keep you cool while you break a sweat!

4. Rentals Are a Breeze

You didn’t come to the Outer Banks to spend all day in an outdoor adventure shop, waiting for your bike rental to get ready. You’re ready to start your adventure as soon as you arrive. That’s why it pays to partner with a team like ours.

We’ll happily deliver your weekly bike rentals to any location in Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills. Or, if you prefer to head for a ride right away, you can also swing by our office to grab your bikes on the way out. Before you leave, grab a coffee or a smoothie to go!

To make the most of your stay, allow us to take care of all of your beach rental needs. From cabanas and umbrellas to stand-up paddleboards, we can connect you with the gear you need to turn your Outer Banks vacation into one you’ll never forget.

5. You Can’t Beat the Views

Watching the sunset from your vacation home is one thing. Experiencing it with your toes in the sand is a different experience altogether.

With a beach bike, you can travel off the familiar road and explore miles of scenic backcountry. This will encourage you to get out, explore, and absorb everything that this special stretch of sand has to offer. Right off Highways 12 and 158, there are undiscovered paradises just waiting for you to grab your helmet and lock.

On your bike, you can circle the Wright Brothers Memorial, stroll through quaint villages (like Southern Shores), visit waterfront shops, and take in once-in-a-lifetime vistas of isolated marshlands, dunes, maritime forests, and ocean views.

Rent a Beach Bike and Explore the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks remains one of the most gloriously secluded and perfectly situated vacation spots in the country. While you could hit the highlights in a car, there’s nothing like renting a beach bike and getting a firsthand view.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, you can safely explore this beautiful region on a bike. As a local family of surfers, we also happen to know some of the best paths for all skill levels.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and let us transform your trip.

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