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The Benefits of Beach Shade Structures

an umbrella sitting on top of a sandy beach

How Beach Equipment Rentals Can Help You Stay Cool

It is important to protect yourself while lounging on the beach. Here is a guide to the benefits of beach equipment rental.

There’s nothing better than a beach vacation to North Carolina’s Outer Banks!

The sun, the surf, the sand. There’s something for everyone–from bodyboarders and beach runners to those who prefer to laze around on the sand all day soaking up the rays.

No matter your activity level, you will want some much-needed shade on the beach. Not only does it keep you cool, but it also protects your skin from sun damage.

In fact, there are a ton of benefits to renting a beach shelter. Read on to find out more!

Shelter from Bad Weather

Beach shelters aren’t just great for shade. It can also keep other not-so-pleasant weather elements at bay.

Of course, no one likes to be at the beach on a rainy day. But sometimes, a sunny morning turns into a drizzly afternoon. If you’ve already put all the effort into getting out to the beach, you don’t want just to waste the day, right?

If you have beach shade, you can wait out the drizzle in style. Then, as soon as the sun reappears, you can head back into the water. And if it doesn’t, you’re cozy and comfortable inside your private structure.

Likewise, if it’s a windy day, a cabana or umbrella will protect you from those pesky gusts that blow sand into your sandwiches.

Stay On The Sand for Longer

It’s cool and comfortable, and you’ve got food and drink and your supplies right there. Since all your basic needs are taken care of, there’s no need to run back to the hotel for a spare towel or to a restaurant for lunch. You can stay at the beach all day without a care in the world!

Keeps You Cooler

One of the most undeniable benefits of a shade structure is that it blocks the sun while also circulating air. This creates a temporary beach “cave” that’s much cooler than a permanent wooden or metal cabana.

Very young children and the elderly are especially prone to heatstroke. By renting a cabana or umbrella, the more vulnerable members of your party have somewhere to escape the heat of the midday sun. And no one has to make a troublesome trip back to the hotel.

Shade structures also help keep food and drink cool and make the ice on your cooler last longer. Hot food not only tastes terrible, but it can even be dangerous to ingest.

Protect Your Skin

More than 5 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year in America–and sun exposure is a leading cause. Sun protection is essential for anyone heading out to the beach.

While you can slather yourself in sunscreen and wear rash suits, they’re not foolproof skin protection methods. You must reapply sunscreen frequently, and rash suits shift as you move.

Having a shade structure set up on the beach means you can spend your downtime out of the sun and be protected from those harmful UV rays.

Protect Your Belongings

While many people don’t wear precious jewelry to the beach, they still have to bring essential (and expensive) possessions like GoPros, smartphones, and wallets. Typically, you’d leave these in a bag on the sand, which your towel may cover. But that’s risky, right?

Shade structures provide you and your family or friends with a permanent, secure, and safe place to park your belongings. They also protect clothing, diving, sports equipment, electronics, and other beach must-have accessories from fading and heat damage.

More Comfortable for Everyone

You can set up the inside of a cabana with chairs, tables, picnic blankets, bean bags… anything you like, really! This makes for a cozy place to relax after you get out of the surf. Even people with limited mobility can enjoy the beach safely and comfortably under a cleverly curated canopy.

Not to mention that dehydration is a frequent problem at the beach. All that heat, running around, swimming, and sports means you simply forget to drink enough water. The shade a cabana or umbrella creates helps keep you hydrated and gives you a place to keep your water cool and palatable.

You’ll Have a Home Base

A beach is an open place, especially if it’s crowded. Your neighbors are just a stone’s throw away. Like your home, a shade structure provides an element of privacy.

Under your private cabana or umbrella, you can relax knowing no one’s watching you. Looking straight out at the ocean, you might even feel like you have the whole beach to yourself!

You Get a Setup Service

If you rent a beach cabana from the right company (we suggest Farmdog Beach Services, of course), then you won’t have to lift a finger. All you’ll need to do is book, pay, and turn up at the beach at the designated time.

Here’s how it works:

  • A team sets up your cabana while you sleep in or get a run-in
  • Head over to your pre-arranged spot on the beach in the late morning
  • Look for the cabana with your name on the sign
  • Enjoy the day!
  • In the early evening, a team arrives to breakdown the cabana

Rent your cabana for a day or a week; it’s up to you! You choose where it’s set up and add everything from extra chairs to coolers for an additional fee.

Solve your sun problem with Farmdog beach equipment rentals

Are you traveling with a large group of friends? Perhaps you just have a big family to accommodate. Maybe you hope to keep all the humans and pets safe from the sun.

The “why” of needing a lot of shade at the beach doesn’t really matter. The point is Farmdog Beach Services is your answer for breach supply rentals in the Outer Banks.

Contact Farmdog Beach Services to discuss our Outer Banks equipment rentals. We have shade structures that accommodate any party size, fix securely to the sand or ground, and won’t break the bank.

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