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Picking the Right Beach Equipment for the Perfect Day at the Beach

According to reports, three out of four Americans seek out the beach to de-stress.

Beach weather is coming to a close soon, and if you didn’t bring your beach equipment, now’s the time to go rent them!

The first step to a perfect day at the beach is the beach umbrella. The next is a great set of beach chairs.

Keeping you and your family shaded is necessary to make sure you can enjoy sunny weather the safe (and comfortable) way.

Don’t spend your beach trip worrying about skin cancer. Read on to learn about how securing the best beach equipment rentals can protect you and your family.

Why Should You Invest in Renting Beach Equipment?

Spending long hours under the scorching sun can have harmful effects on your skin. If you don’t have some shade at the beach, your outing can quickly become a hot, exposed experience that turns from fun in the sun to sandy sunburn.

A beach umbrella with chairs allows you to create your own personal oasis on the sand. It provides a comfortable seating arrangement, offering a place to relax, read a book, or simply enjoy the beach view.

Being able to set up in style at the beach is very important. Everyone likes the beach, but not everyone wants to get sandy or endure hours in the blistering sun.

The secret is to have a setup that allows you to sit comfortably, shielded from the sun, so you can fully soak up the vistas and relax.

An umbrella and chairs are all you need to turn any beach barbecue or family outing into the perfect beach day.

Furthermore, a beach umbrella with chairs is a versatile addition to your beach gear. They can be used for various outdoor activities beyond the beach, such as picnics, camping trips, or even sporting events. Their portable nature allows you to take these items wherever you go, providing both shade and seating at your destination.

Features to Look For in a Beach Umbrella and Chair Rental

Before you invest in renting beach equipment, you must ensure you’re making a savvy buying decision around these beach essentials. Make your money work for you and look for the following features.

UV Protection

When selecting beach umbrellas, it is important to ensure they provide effective protection from the sun’s UV radiation. High Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings help block out harmful radiation and keep beachgoers safe from skin damage.

Sturdy Design

A durable and rust-resistant frame is the perfect choice to ensure that your umbrella and chair set withstands the test of time.

The stability of the umbrella and chair frames should be reinforced with adjustable steel poles, marine grade stainless steel fasteners, and other UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant hardware.

Additionally, the choice of fabric used to make the umbrella canopy should be able to block UV rays, be waterproof, and be made from marine grade fabrics to extend the life of the umbrella.


Adjustable height and tilt adjustability are necessary features for beach umbrellas with chairs. Adjustable height allows you to adjust the height of the umbrella based on the sun’s position throughout the day.

Tilt adjustability lets you customize the angle of your chairs for perfect beach relaxation.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Beach Umbrella With Chairs

Want some more tips for picking out a beach umbrella and chair set? We’ve got you covered!


When choosing beach umbrellas and chairs for your beach trip, size is a key consideration. Be sure to account for the number of people who will be using the umbrella and chairs. You don’t want a bulky umbrella that will take up valuable space in your car.

You should also factor in the space needed to store the umbrella and chairs when they’re not in use.

Consider the setup and portability of the umbrella and chairs. Beach umbrellas today come with lightweight aluminum frames that make for easy setup and transport. Look for adjustable chairs that fold in the same fashion, making them easy to carry on a day trip to the beach.

Durability and Quality

When selecting beach umbrellas with chairs, it’s essential to prioritize the durability of the materials and read reviews for guidance on quality. Look for chairs made from heavy-duty materials that can handle the hot sun and salt water.

Portable chairs with adjustable suspension are great for long-term use and are surprisingly sturdy. Select an umbrella whose frame is rust-resistant and made from durable, lightweight materials.

Check consumer reviews and look for those that promise maximum years of use. Pay attention to the collapsible canopy, it should be designed to be flexible, with locking mechanisms and utility-grade plastic joints to ensure easy folding and prevent accidental collapse. As for the umbrella fabric, choose a high-quality polyester with wind-release vents and reinforced stitching,

Ease of Setup

Ease of setup should certainly be one of the most important considerations when shopping for beach umbrellas and chairs. Look for models that feature quick locking mechanisms or levers so that you can secure them quickly and easily.

If you don’t feel like lugging beach furniture around, here’s a hot tip. Take advantage of a rental service like ours that can both deliver and set-up your beach umbrella and chair combo. Once you’re done having fun in the sun and are ready to head back to your beach house, we come and pack everything up.

Goodbye dragging around beach chairs and nagging the kids to help with the umbrella!

Additional Features

One important additional feature to consider when purchasing a beach umbrella. A crank mechanism gives you the ability to easily open and close or adjust the umbrella angle without putting any strain on your body.

Another feature to look for is a sand anchor, which helps secure the umbrella in the sand and prevents it from blowing away in the wind.

Need a Beach Umbrella With Chairs? We offer the best beach equipment rentals on the outer banks!

A beach umbrella and chairs are a must-have beach accessory set for a perfect day in the sun. It offers shade and comfortable seating, enhancing your overall beach experience. By considering important features and following the tips mentioned above, you can find the perfect beach equipment rentals through Farmdog Beach services.

If you don’t want the hassle and expense of buying a beach umbrella and chairs, we’ve got you covered. Here at Farmdog, we offer beach equipment rentals. The best part? Our rental service includes set-up and take-down.

Don’t let the hot sun ruin your day. Contact us to arrange your beach umbrella and chair set rental.

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