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What Do the Changes in the CDC’s Mask Guidelines Mean for Vacationers?

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What Do the Changes in the CDC’s Mask Guidelines Mean for Vacationers to the Outer Banks?

With new variants and strains of COVID19 being introduced into the public, it sometimes seems like CDC mask guidelines can change on a dime. However, it is important to note that while they can sometimes be a pain, it is in the interest of public health.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about current CDC mask guidelines and how they may affect you if you’ve planned a vacation to the Outer Banks.

Read on for more information to understand how to prepare for your trip.

CDC Mask Guidelines for Vaccinated Individuals

If you are vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask by the CDC, either indoors or outdoors. However, individual businesses do have the right to require that their patrons wear a mask, so if you are asked to do so by a business, you must comply or opt not to enter the facility. According to the state of North Carolina, it is their right to say they do not want individuals without a mask entering.

Other businesses may allow you to enter without a mask, providing you have been vaccinated. While this is on the honor’s system in most areas, you should bring along your vaccinated records to prove you have received your vaccine if necessary. This will give you peace of mind that there won’t be any questions about your eligibility to forego the mask.

Children also must be vaccinated to forego the mask, though we recognize that children below a certain age are still not eligible for vaccination.

Mask Guidelines For Those Who Have Not Been Vaccinated

If you have not received the COVID19 vaccine, you must wear a face covering wherever you go in the Outer Banks. Although, as we stated above, this is on the honor’s system, you must comply with state and federal mask regulations. The Delta variant is spreading quickly and is ruthless.

For those who have not had the vaccine, it is also a good idea to test yourself as often as possible. If you have any symptoms of COVID19 or have a positive test, please stay home or in your hotel room and do not come into contact with anyone else.

Mask Guidelines for the Outdoors

You do not have to wear a mask when you are outside. However, considering the new Delta variant, you must maintain social distance. Unfortunately, even if you are vaccinated, you can pass this strain on to those who are not vaccinated. As such, you should keep as much space as possible between yourself and other vacationers when not wearing a mask or in the outdoors.

Avoid crowds when you are out and keep to your own bubble.

Vacationing in the Outer Banks

While this new variant is serious, it is clear vaccination, and masks work. As such, you must adhere to the CDC mask guidelines to ensure that you and your family stay as safe as possible.

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